Tuesday, January 27, 2015


***Note: this was a post from October that I just noticed was in my drafts folder and never got published!! Had to post it!***

Introducing Derek Hough and Karina Smirnoff!! 

We had so much fun dressing up as some of the DWTS cast members for Halloween this year! We even tried out some of our own moves on the dance floor haha 

For Derek's look all you need is:
- translucent black cut off blouse
- loose fitting black pants
- black dress shoes
- gel to slick hair
- bronzer to highlight the body 

For Karina's look all you need is:
- a sexy Spanish looking dress (I was super lucky and was able to borrow an old dance costume from my sister)
- a diamond choker
- big diamond earrings
- red ballroom-like shoes (black or silver would also do) .. Mine were from Payless!
- gel to slick back hair into a side pony 
- red lipstick!!!

Best Weekend Ever??

Long distance relationships suck. There's no getting around it. Anyone who says they enjoy long distance is either lying to you/themselves or doesn't care enough about the person.. Because the reality is, they suck. Yea sure they allow each person in the relationship to be independent and to cherish the time you have together, but I feel like those things are essential for any good relationship anyway- long distance or not. In case you haven't realized with this slightly bitter rant- I'm in a long distance relationship currently. And while seeing your beloved merely once a month is not exactly the most ideal situation, it is my current predicament. And we are making the most of it! That being said, I had a wonderful weekend visiting Ktown and couldn't have asked for a better person to share it with! Here's the low down on what went down:

Night 1: movie date. The Imitation Game. All I can say is, go see this movie!!!!! So so good, I could watch it many times over. Definitely a favourite of mine that I've seen in a while!

Day/Night 2: figure skating and ice boat racing (world champs in Kingston- who knew??)

Skating in the square downtown. **Note: last time we attempted to go skating outdoors it was -23 degrees and was a total failure. This time around was MUCH more successful.

After figure skating, we walked over to Sipps for a cup of coffee or hot chocolate to warm us up! I got a peanut butter caramel latte (or something like that) and Storm got a hazelnut turtles latte. Unfortunately, we were not too impressed. This was our second time at Sipps and both times our drinks have been satisfactory at best, and the prices are quite expensive. I think the next time we try a new cafe we should just stick to the regular coffee haha specialty drinks don't seem to be much of a hit- save em for Starbs!!

Night 3: a pitcher of MGD at a local pub (Brass) and a great night with awesome company :) live music at Brass on Saturday nights too FYI 

What fun dates do you and your loved one enjoy doing in the winter time?? Post any ideas below!


Monday, January 26, 2015

Night Changes

So up until today (of course) there was barely any snow on the ground and it almost didn't even feel like winter.. times have now changed, and it is freezing outside!! Let's reminisce to warmer days shall we??
The cropped knitted sweater is one of my favs and was $10 from Urban Outfitters. Also from Urban Outfitters are my adorably cute cream coloured frilly socks (quite the description whewww). The skirt and scarf that I'm wearing are from Primark. I kept this outfit very neutral and wore a variety of beiges and browns. If only the ground looked like this right now!! Spring is just around the corner right??