Thursday, February 5, 2015


30cm of snow is nothing, right? WRONG. This is the most snow I have seen in a longggg time. It's kind of exciting, until you have to go out anywhere and are forced to freeze your butt off for 10 mins while you scrape the snow and ice off your car. Not so fun!! But, besides all that, the snow does have a nice youthfulness to it. 

My sisters and I decided to take advantage of the snow day. We got all bundled up and headed outside, only to come back in with our toes feeling numb hahaha. 

Snow angels, snow forts (and an awesome one at that) and yes, one of us got buried. What a trooper!! 

We then came inside to some warm hot chocolate and thawed ourselves out. The presidents choice decadent chocolate chip cookie hot chocolate (what a mouthful, no pun intended) is our new go-to and it's actually quite delicious! I would highly recommend it- not sickly, and doesn't require any extra milk or anything. Just pure yumminess. 

As Ana always says, do you want to build a snowman???

***Note: I have still yet to watch Frozen. I know, it's shocking. Mostly because my sister is obsessed so I have refrained from watching it in her presence so as to avoid hearing her belt out all the songs. But, sooner or later, I will have to watch it....and I too will become obsessed.

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