Tuesday, January 27, 2015


***Note: this was a post from October that I just noticed was in my drafts folder and never got published!! Had to post it!***

Introducing Derek Hough and Karina Smirnoff!! 

We had so much fun dressing up as some of the DWTS cast members for Halloween this year! We even tried out some of our own moves on the dance floor haha 

For Derek's look all you need is:
- translucent black cut off blouse
- loose fitting black pants
- black dress shoes
- gel to slick hair
- bronzer to highlight the body 

For Karina's look all you need is:
- a sexy Spanish looking dress (I was super lucky and was able to borrow an old dance costume from my sister)
- a diamond choker
- big diamond earrings
- red ballroom-like shoes (black or silver would also do) .. Mine were from Payless!
- gel to slick back hair into a side pony 
- red lipstick!!!

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