Saturday, May 31, 2014

Beautiful day!

What a wonderful day today was- it was one of those "yay summer is finally here" moments. I spent the day enjoying the warm weather with my boyfriend, Storm. We spent a lot of time walking outside, I took him to the nearby beach, we got icecream, and even swung on swings at the park just like the good old days when we were kids. 

I must say, Jack Astor's did not let me down, as usual! We had lunch on the patio and it was fantastic! I must recommend the appetizer house salad with balsamic dressing, it was to die for! 

Storm got his usual Jack Astor's burger meal, and there were no complaints on his end!

We finished the day off with some shopping at my local mall, and then relaxed back at home. 

I must say, after having salmonella poisoning for 2 weeks, he still looks pretty damn good!! 


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