Thursday, September 11, 2014

September tingz

This has been my first post in a while- September has been a crazy busy month so far! Here's a quick update on what has been happening :) 

For labour day weekend, our family went on a roadtrip to Bissells Hideaway! My zio rented out the entire hall, and all day long we barbecued, chatted, and played sports outside. It's a great little place, I used to go all the time as a kid with one of my friends who had a trailer there. There's a large pool with slides and a play place for kids, an arcade room, horseback riding, zip lining, wall climbing, paddle boating, and a tuck shop! I had a blast from the past, when I got tiger stripe icecream from the tuck shop. It was seewwwww go0o0od!! 

After returning from our getaway, I spent my efforts on perfecting my barista abilities. Have I mentioned that owning a cute and quaint little coffee shop is like my dream job!? Hahaha. Now I've got the technique down, so I'm one step closer! ;)

Another one of the many things that I did during my blog hiatus was dyeing my hair!! For the first time! Virgin hair no more! Although it didn't turn out exactly as I had hoped, I couldn't be happier!

I was going for this: 

And ended up with this:

Not bad for my first dye job ever right!? I must admit that I was quite timid, so I think my downfall was that I did not use enough dye on my hair... But the result was very natural looking so I'm quite happy! It depends on the lighting, sometimes it looks lighter than others. Also, my hair looks a bit ratty in the above picture but this is due to me being in the car for 4 hours haha not from the dye!!

Perks of doing it myself
* I can choose how I want it to look
* only I am to blame if it turns out horribly
* Did not use any bleach- was only a colour!! No harsh chemicals!
* was able to watch bachelor in paradise while waiting for the dye to finish colouring my hair 
* only $15!!!!! HUGE SAVINGS 

Maybe I should go into hairdressing??? So many career paths to choose from haha ...

The last week I spent in Kingston and I was very occupied helping out with CrossFit Queen Street! As busy as my visit was, it was nice to get away! I'll have a separate post dedicated to that though- to come soon :) 


  1. WOW, what an action-packed weekend! Tiger ice-cream what flavours is that Orange? Vanilla? and mmm Black - what would taste like black to me? I don't now tell me!! :) Good blog, very interesting.

    1. Thanks for commenting Callum. Yes, tiger stripe is orange and black, with the black tasting like liquorice! Usually I am not a fan of black liquorice, but it's awesome with the orange flavour! :)