Sunday, July 20, 2014

Beautiful day in Malaga!

Beautiful- a word to describe my first official day in Malaga in a nutshell. Most of today was spent outside enjoying the beach. We started the day off having a buffet for breakfast, which consisted mainly of croissants, churros, and an assortment of fruit (watermelon and pineapple mostly). I had a few cups of coffee with my breakfast as it was quite good. We then headed down to the beach and tanned for a few hours. 

We parked ourselves right by the water, as this was the coolest area. It was such a beautiful day!! The sun was beating down on us all day long, which has resulted in Rachel looking like a lobster (She was "testing" out the sun to see if she needed After lunch we decided to stay at the hotel and enjoy the pool area.  

Isn't this amazing!!? This is my mom and sister's view from their hotel room...and they still complain! 

After enjoying many hours in the sun, we went back inside to relax in the hotel before dinner. I took this time to do some yoga on my balcony, it was SO NEEDED. My body was as stiff as a board- it felt so good to move. And what could be better than doing yoga outside, on a balcony, in Spain!!! Nothing.

**No butts were harmed during this yoga session, despite what appears to be a lack of circulation caused by my bathing suit in this photo. hahaha**

For dinner, we roamed around the streets for a while before grabbing a quick bite from the Panda Cafe on the boardwalk. Fries "chips" and salad for me and Rach to split! 

Emilee and Mj are headed to Morocco tomorrow with the rest of the dance pack, while Alanna, Rachel, and myself will be enjoying the beach again. Hopefully the beach volleyball tournament will be finished by then so we can have some fun on the beach!!

Ps- I apologize for the low quality photos. We have really terrible wifi here in the hotel! I'm literally sitting in the corner right now, by the balcony, waving my arm in the air. It sucks. But... It's Spain, and I sure ain't here for the wifi haha so the only real inconvenience is times like these when I'm trying to upload my posts!

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