Thursday, July 24, 2014


The wifi here is extremely frustrating, my posts keep deleting and I'm having a hard time uploading them, so I will keep this one short and sweet. Mijas doesn't need much of an explanation anyway, the photos will do all of the explaining. Yesterday was amazing. Mijas is the most beautiful place I've ever visited!! 

The drive was about 30 minutes from Benalmadena and consisted of me taking a ton of pictures of the beautiful scenery. 

The town of Mijas was basically a little village, where all the houses were white and most of the streets were cobble stone paths. You got the "everyone knows everyone" kind of vibe from it. So cute.

Shortly after arriving we toured around the town and went into many little shops. Check out the amazing view!!

The first stop on our tour was an old church created inside a cave. It was very interesting. 

We then enjoyed the view some more and purchased the most tasty sugar glazed almonds! They were to die for!

For dinner, we ate at a local Steakhouse. The people were so friendly and accommodating, given our limited time frame (Emilee had to hurry back before the show). 

Margarita pizza for Rachel:

Pepperoni pizza for Emilee:

Alanna and Mj enjoyed their chicken and steak dishes, respectively.

And rigatoni Napolitana for me!!

This was some of the best food we have had in Spain so far, and the servings were huge too. One thing we have been surprised about is the lack of spice in the food here. I definitely thought it would be more prominent in the Spanish dishes, but they have actually been quite bland. Again, maybe this is a known thing, but I just thought it was so strange! I love my spices!

After dinner we all received mojitos on the house! I'm not a fan of mojitos whatsoever, but these were the best I've ever tasted!! We then headed over to the main square to watch the Lois Laxton dancers perform.

We had a great crowd come out to watch the show, and the dancers were fantastic (especially Emilee)!  

Alanna took some better action shots of Emilee dancing, which I will have to post on here as soon as possible! I was busy videotaping the performances, so I was unable to take photos. After the show, the dancers went around handing out Canada flags and pins to the audience who seemed to really appreciate it! They were all really excited to receive a little piece of Canada. 

The LLDS performance was followed by a group of young Spanish dancers. They were so incredibly cute, and it was so cool to watch them on stage doing their Flamingo routine. Check out how cute their outfits were!!

After the show we all went out for drinks at a local restaurant. Turns out, the owner is Canadian and is from Toronto! He has been living in Mijas since 1997 and has a few successful businesses here. He was really happy and proud to see so many young Canadians coming to perform in Spain, and it was exciting for us to see a fellow Canadian being so successful over here in Europe!! 

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