Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Day 1 of Spinelli Bootcamp

Happy Canada Day!!! To mark this special holiday, my sisters and I began our own summer Bootcamp. It was the first day so I kept it easy, but the heat was a killer. Most people work out early in the morning, but I had a hard time getting these gals out of bed, so I had to settle for a 9:45am start time. We did this at our local park/field and it was all done just with our body weight. 

I've posted the workout below!

1 lap around field
20 jumping jacks 
20 High knees
15 air squats

4 rounds of:
20 calf raises 
15 high leg kicks
10 jumping squats 

3 sets of max:
Superman for 1 minute
Bicycle crunches for 1 minute 

Finish off with:
2 laps around the field doing 5 burpees at top of each minute 

It was definitely a good one, especially in this heat! Feel free to try it out and leave any comments or suggestions below! :)

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