Saturday, July 19, 2014

Goodbye Madrid, hello Malaga!

Today my sisters and I left Madrid and took a 6 hour bus ride to Malaga. It was on this bus ride that I wrote a fantastic (in my opinion haha) and lengthy blog post about yesterday's festivities. I was unable to post it until I checked into my hotel here and had wifi, by which time my post seemed to disappear. This was incredibly frustrating, so I am in the process of re writing it now and will post it as soon as possible ! So far yesterday was the highlight of my trip so I cannot wait to share the details!

Anyway, back to today's events. After saying goodbye to our quaint but lovely hotel "Acta madfor" we took the metro to the main bus station (Alvaro) in Madrid to board our bus to Malaga! 

I was actually surprised, the bus ride flew by today. You could choose your seats ahead of time, they were comfy, there were TVs, and even a 15 minute pit stop. Canada could learn a thing or two from the Spanish!! 

Maybe I'm ignorant or not well versed in geography and countries of the world, but I had no idea what the terrain in Spain was like. It was the most beautiful 6 hour drive, consisting mostly of hills and mountains. I'll be honest, I was scared on a few occasions that our bus was going over board!! But we managed to make it to our destination safe and sound! 

After arriving in Malaga, we then had to take the city bus to Benalmadena. I think I've spent more time on buses and trains on this trip than anything else, but it really has been worth it. It was a stressful event trying to find a bus to benalmadena and not many people were able to help us due to the language barrier, however, we eventually hopped on the 110 bus and made it to our destination! 

Benalmadena is gorgeous!! The beach is beautiful and the architecture of some of the buildings is outstanding. Walking down the steps towards the boardwalk feels like you're in a totally different world. 

My sisters and I were starving, so we went out for dinner and tried to find something for 25 euros, as this is all we had left haha. 

Along the boardwalk we found many restaurants, cafés, and shops, but we chose to eat at El Ventisquero, as the staff was very engaging, the menu looked great, and we found some fellow English folk in there! We ordered pizza (Margarita pizza for me) and salad for dinner, and enjoyed a football match that was playing on television. 

After dinner we walked along the boardwalk and the beach. What a beautiful night.

We later met up with the rest of my family and walked around the marina. Unfortunately, I didn't take any pictures, as I left my camera at the hotel, but I absolutely will tomorrow. It's crazy how alive the city becomes at night. It's 2:35am right now and people are flooding the streets! We are headed to bed, as we have an early date tomorrow morning with the beach (and breakfast buffet) otherwise I would have enjoyed staying out! 

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