Thursday, July 24, 2014

Last day in Malaga

Yesterday was my final full day in Spain, so we all tried to make the most of it by spending the day at the beach. We played volleyball for a little while with two young Spanish men, who were quite unimpressed with our lack of volleyball skills. My sandals broke mid game, so I was constantly running around trying to cool off my feet from the hot sand. Us Spinellis aren't exactly known for being the best volleyball players, so it was quite a comedic event. 

Did I mention that we saw THE BLACK PEARL??!!!

Besides that, nothing too exciting happened throughout the day. We all went for dinner around 9 to Mama Leone's, which everyone had been raving about. I still can't believe how late the Spanish eat dinner, we weren't finished our meal until almost 11 o'clock!

My beautiful sistas!

Momma Spinz getting in on the action!

On our way down to the restaurant, Mj insisted on taking a photo of us at the marina. I can see why, it is such a beautiful spot (not that you can see it, she isn't the best photographer haha).

At mama's, Alanna, Mj and I ordered a 10 euro three course meal. For the appetizer, Mj and I each ordered a mixed salad, while Alanna got chicken soup. My salad was great, however, I have noticed that in Spain they typically use iceberg lettuce for all their salads, where I would have preferred some better greens. Alanna does not recommend the chicken soup. We ordered sangria at dinner also!

For the entree, Alanna ordered Spaghetti bolognese, Mj ordered chicken and fries, and I ordered spinach lasagna. I was thrilled with my dish. At first glance, it looked very creamy and there was little pasta to it, but I ended up eating the entire thing. I've only recently become a spinach fan, so I was surprised at how much I enjoyed this meal.

For dessert, Mj and I ordered a caramel creme brûlée, while Alanna ordered rice pudding. Nothing special to note for the desserts, but overall they were good. Rachel and Emilee split garlic bread and a chicken Cesar salad for dinner, which they were not too fond of. Again, I thought it was incredibly weird that it was iceberg lettuce in a Cesar salad! 

After dinner we took a long walk along the marina, and ran into a few friends from the dance studio. We also stopped for another photo op, naturally.

We did not stay out too late at the marina, as we had to head back to the hotel to figure out our flights for the next day. 

Goodbye Spain... Next stop... Munich, Germany!!

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