Monday, July 21, 2014

Beach day in Benalmadena

I'm currently sitting outside on my balcony after just having a relaxing shower. I wish I could say how serene it is out here, but I'm listening to this group of people make what sounds like a mixture of duck and seagle noises across the street hahaha. It's the strangest thing I've ever heard. I'm just waiting on Alanna and Rachel getting up from their naps and then we are all headed to dinner. Today was another beautiful day here in Benalmadena! We spent the first half by the beach and the second half by the pool.

I stand corrected- to my left is Alanna, naked, posing against the balcony door. How unusual...

Here's some photos from today:

Not sure if I'm running away due to the freezing cold Mediterranean Sea or because I stepped on a sharp shell..

We walked along the beach and saw the most amazing selection of rocks and shells along the shore. Alanna seemed pretty uninterested, but for Rach and I this was a gold mine!! We spent so much time looking through all the rocks, trying to spot out the coolest ones.

Since we are on a tight budget, we decided to make our own sandwiches for lunch. Tomatoes, cucumbers, and mozzarella cheese were bought at the local supermarket! Not the fanciest meal, but this has become a standard practice for us on this trip!!

We are headed to dinner now, so I'll post again tonight and hopefully share some details from Emilee and Mj's trip to Morocco!! I personally can't wait to hear all about it! If they are in good enough moods to tell us, that is. 

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