Sunday, August 3, 2014

One Direction Concert!

Yesterday was one of the days I have been waiting for all summer.... the OneDirection concert in Toronto!!! It was a great concert and a lot of fun, especially since I went with my three sisters. Alanna made our shirts and we got all decked out in 1D gear!

As with any concert at the Rogers Centre, downtown Toronto was crazy busy. This time, however, it was even crazier because its Caribana weekend! We made sure to give ourselves plenty of time to get to the concert. 

While waiting outside the arena, wewere  approached by Kiss 92.5 radio host Dammit Maurie, who asked us some questions about the boys and then asked us to sing a few lines from "Best Song Ever". We then resang the line saying "..and we're listing to the best station ever!" It was awesome to meet him and it got us super pumped right before the show! Unfortunately we were unable to hear our debut on the radio, but I'm sure it was good haha 

We all had floor seats so it was great to be close to the stage but I found it very difficult to see. 5 seconds of summer took the stage first and played for about 40 minutes, they were great as always! Then there was a 45 minute wait (which I was not too happy about) until One Direction took the stage!

Here's some pros and cons from the concert:

- Got to see the boys live 
- They sounded really great (as always)
- Sang my favourite songs (Diana, what makes you beautiful, one thing etc.)
- They were comedic and cracked a few jokes 
- The show was a bit more intimate this time around. The boys introduced a lot of the songs and seemed very relaxed. 

- Very hard to see due to a poor stage layout. I think creating a catwalk as a stage was a good idea and was intended to give everyone the best experience possible. However, the stage was very narrow, and our seats were facing forwards, so everyone had to keep turning around to see them! I don't think it was executed as well as it could have been.
- The boys lacked energy. They seemed really burned out. Not sure if this is because it was their second show in Toronto or just because they've been touring for a while, but at this time last year they had a significantly greater stage presence and charisma. I was slightly disappointed this year. Zayn in particular was literally just standing in one spot the whole time and didn't crack a smile once!!
- The show lacked show (pzazzz) If that makes sense. They needed Sharpay and Ryan Evans to come in and give them some sparkle.. Give them some umphh!!! 
- You couldn't see the band. Okay, I know, nobody is there to see the band, but let's give these guys some credit too! They did a fantastic job, and they were barely seen the whole show. 
- There was very little interaction with the audience. Previous shows have included twitter or Instagram sections where they answer questions from the fans. There were no videos, no dances, nothing. 
- no costume changes. Maybe I'm biased, but I enjoy when artists put on a real show, and that includes their outfits! You have to keep it interesting and change it up.. Especially when you are soaked in sweat, wouldn't you want to change quickly and freshen up? I know I would!

So I know it seems like there were way more cons than pros, and maybe there were, but it was still a great show. I had a much better time last year at the Montreal show, but that doesn't mean that the Where We Are Tour isn't worth going to, because it is. It just didn't live up the expectations that I had made based on their performance last year, which was disappointing.

I took more videos than I did photos, hence why these photos aren't the greatest haha.

I am still a huge One Direction fan and always will be. I hope they come back to visit Canada soon, and that they continue doing what they are doing! Much love to 1D!!! 

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