Monday, June 16, 2014


Yesterday evening I went to the MMVA's after party at muzik nightclub in Toronto, hosted by Khloe Kardshian, or well.. it was supposed to be. The hostess of the mostess did not even show up! This really frustrated me because I'm a huge fan of Khloe and she lost major points in my books. It just ain't cool. I mean I literally wasn't allowed to sit anywhere the entire night because apparently sitting is only for celebrities (unless you count the bathroom stall, but believe me you do not wanna sit in those babies) and the damn celebrities can't even show up! 

This is moving in the "rant" direction but seriously the night was unfortunately pretty awful. It was $20 just to get into the event and drinks were $7.50 minimum. Mind you, it is Toronto, that I understand, but we aren't all millionaires like the celebs showing up! *or not in this case* I was impressed with the club overall, it's huge and had a TON of staff (which I thought was a bit excessive to be honest) who were all very friendly for the most part. 

A few celebs who did show up were the cast of Degrassi, who all looked ravishing in their MMVA's attire. I was able to chat with Luke Bilyk and I must say he is such a nice guy! Sweet as can be and even offered to take a photo with me (I will post this tomorrow). I also met Sara Fischer briefly as she was exiting the club, again, a super friendly gal.

I guess there's always gonna be pits and peaks for any day, night, event, trip, whatever it may be, and we have to take it for what it is and be grateful we were even given the opportunity in the first place! Learn from our mistakes, and move forward. It was definitely a night I won't forget- more for the wrong reasons than right- but I eagerly anticipate next year's MMVA's and I hope I will actually be able to watch the show this time! 

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