Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Pretty Little Liars Premiere

So last night ABC hosted one of the most highly anticipated television premieres of the summer, Pretty Little Liars. Although entertaining, I found it to be extremely disappointing. As has been the case for the past few seasons with this show, the episode was predictable. *SPOILER ALERT* Yes we know Ezra is alive, yes we know he will tell us who A is, yes we know Mona is not so good after all, yes we know Alison is hiding information from the girls... Besides Hannah's humour, I am not entirely sure why I continue to watch the show (Okay, I know the answer, because I am obsessed/borderline addicted to it.. but still!). The girls continue to get more and more naive as the seasons go on. Really, you think you are one step ahead of A? REALLY??!! Speaking of A, was I the only one who thought that the whole scene with the weird gang of A's on the playground surrounding the girls was totally unnecessary? I mean, it was just plain weird. So now that Shauna is dead, all is apparently good in Rosewood and Alison can finally return. Not like your best friend just murdered someone or anything. The girls' way of thinking is just bizarre. One thing I will be looking forward to is the storyline between the police officer and Ezra, now that he knows Ezra is involved with the girls. These two men seem to be the only intelligent characters on this show (and both aren't so hard on the eyes either, might I add). I hope for all the viewers' sakes, that this season picks up and we really start getting some answers. Regardless, I will still be a fan of the show, whether I want to or not. My dad's only comment while watching the show with us last night was, "Are those two blonde girls sisters?" hahaha

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