Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Summertime Sadness

It certainly does not feel like June. Too many rainy days and not enough sunshine! My tan is quickly fading as the days go on. Here is my ~rainy day~ look from today, please hype it below!
Items to note: Boots: My absolute favourite! I bought them from The Shoe Company four years ago for $50 and they have not let me down. Grey Jeans: From Forever 21, on sale for $10 (I can't remember exactly). Not the best quality, but I have had these for a while and they still look great. Definitely a good purchase, can't go wrong with $10 jeans!! Jean Jacket: This is actually my sister's but I like wearing it because it fits a bit looser on me so it gives a very relaxed feel to the outfit. I am pretty sure it was around $50 and it is from ZARA.

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